Order of Canada Songwriting Juggernaut Is At It Again!

Arthur Bergmann is currently writing and arranging new songs at his farm home in Rocky View County, Alberta, for an upcoming album release entitled SHADOWWALK - LEGACY OF LOVE.

Art is in the process of revivification after the death of his darling, Sherri, on March 20th of this year. The new album starts with the despair of grief over his horrendous loss (see “Death Of A Siren”) and runs through the rejuvenation process to his decision to keep living through his songwriting, hopefully finding some hope and peace at the end of it. The album will end with his first hymn, which will be the album’s title track, ”Legacy of Love (Hymn for All of Us).” You can check out Art doing a live take of “Legacy Of Love (A Hymn For Us)” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkTtNSRnoo4, and the official video for “Death Of A Siren” here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmIc3S_vW3s.

Art will record demos of his new songs this November and December in Calgary and, ideally, depending on how things proceed, will do the actual recording, mixing and mastering in Vancouver this spring with additional players.

You can follow along with Art’s musical updates on his Facebook profile www.facebook.com/ArtBergmann1, his Twitter profile www.twitter.com/ArtBergmann and his website www.ArtBergmann.com. You can see some home scenes of Art amidst the process, along with his frolicking feline Spartacus, in this recently shot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v02zT2Fxb90

“My new album project embodies the love I shared with Sherri Decembrini, my beloved wife. She always believed in me, and she is the biggest part of these songs.” - Art Bergmann

We are very thankful for all your donations to help with this recording; your support for Art and his music is greatly appreciated.

For a minimal donation of $10, you will receive a digital copy of the new album, including a pdf sheet of artwork, lyrics and credit information.

We hope to see the album also released on cd and vinyl editions as Art has expressed a desire to play live shows and even tour in support of its release.

Team ART ! xo