Hello people:

                Hi gracious donors to Art Bergmann’s “Late Stage Empire Dementia”

         The long wait is almost over.Album release is coming in the early new year.A single from the album is being rushed out now w/video to support all the peoples fighting fascism in the streets.”Christo-Fascists” features Russell Broom,Wayne Kramer,Ian Grant and myself kickin’ out the jams in 4 stuffed minutes of Detroit-style art/noise .Danny Vacon of “the Dudes” came in to accompany the “Anti-Dude” on some operatics.A glorious reminder of what can be achieved when we put on our thinkin’ caps with some muscles;HAH!

         All donors to the project will receive a digi copy of single and cover-art which was stolen from apocalyptic painter Hieronymous Bosch.

        The video for the single will be created by Thor Henriksen,a denizen of Halifax who generously donated his time and artistry to this project.

        Once again,thanks for your support from the depths of my broken and black heart.

                                                         Solidarity,Art Bergmann