Hello,fans and acquaintances; Art Bergmann needs your help to record an album of anthemic response to the psychopathic forces that conspire against us to swallow the earth and all of its creatures whole! You thought you were a rebel? Put some or a little money where that hypocritical mouth is. Now we know that the great pigs who reign over us will not stop until every creature on the planet is gone; GONE! Can you imagine the kind of mind that rapes and pillages for what?! Bigger numbers! I am losing my mind over this; but all I know is how to write music:

The album is called: “Late Stage Empire Dementia”.Think of this lyric set to a rollicking New Orleans orchestra with Ray Davies singing:

“We make our own happy unholy day,
We throw our own pitchfork parade
We hang the king with guts of his priests
Heads will roll down Pennsylvania/Rideau Avenoo-oo-oo-oo”!

Fun time,right? Its time to rebel or die inside ,folks! How about this new dirge lyric for the 6th mass extinction?

“With our guts full of plastic;technology’s feast
Wasted species,washed up on the beach
Telepathy pleads,undo this leash
Our conscienceless song,can’t hack the beast:

If,we are animals,with nothing wild to do
Put us in prison,like good people do.

Who makes these weapons
That won’t degrade? Give us one priestly scientist
Whose conscience still weighs.”

Imagine the above with a child’s chorus singing!

If we are going down people let’s put up a struggle! These songs are for that purpose.I wish we lived in an equal barter rich society,but we don’t.Gimme a coupla bucks and you’ll go down singin’,hah.Avoid the dustbin of history and have fun fun doing it! Love ya lunch,

Art Bergmann

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