The Halifax Urban Folk Festival presents: Art Bergmann & HFX All Stars

Friday, Sept 1st, 2017
Doors 8:00 PM

Tickets: $20 advance (including taxes)

Halifax Urban Folk Festival:

Truly great musicians defy categorization. They often defy adjectives as well, which makes them difficult to write about. That is where Art Bergmann lies: between the facts and the superlatives.

One of the first of this country’s artists to adopt a punk ethos - Art was in seminal Vancouver-based bands Los Populalros and Young Canadians in the late 70s - he made his mark as a solo aritst in the late 80s and early 90s with albums Crawl With Me, Sexual Roulette, Art Bergmann, What Fresh Hell Is This? (Juno winner for Best Alternative Album), Design Flaw and Ventura Highway. Art then took a break but resurfaced in 2014 with Songs For The Underclass and his latest, The Apostate was released at the end of 2016. His classic third album - Art Bergmann - has just been remastered and rereleased as Remember Her Name

Very little of his solo music can be described as ‘punk’, though that’s where his roots lie. He was ‘alternative’ when that actually meant something, back before it became just another commercial category. And those terms are the closest you’ll get to genre-fying him. You can’t even say there’s an ‘Art Bergmann’ sound, because each of his albums sounds different from the next. HIs latest - The Apostate is his most-different yet.