The Legend of Bobby Bird
August 14, 2015

“Please download or stream my new song ‘The Legend of Bobby Bird’ from my upcoming album, The Apostate. Recorded live at CJSW, this version of the song is available free for the public and PledgeMusic sponsors. Please share this song with your friends and family.” – Art Bergmann

August 17, 2015

“Here are the lyrics to “The Legend of Bobby Bird”. Angelique, Bobby’s sister and John Masuskapeo, her husband, requested that I not use the word “Cree” in the song because they refuse to call themselves by that French/English colonial construct…John taught me how to say the word for the spirit of Bobby which was “ni’hio” with the i’s read as long e’s in phonetic pronunciation…you’ll hear it in the song; John said I got it right…the other word he taught me was for ‘the people who speak our language’ which is pronounced, within their nation: “ni’hiyewup’kh”. It is not so hard if you try it a few times, the apostrophes stand for a break in the word…every nation says it a little differently, so I hope I got it right." – Art Bergmann

The story of Bobby Bird,
he was ni’hio, ten years old
one of those who never returned
from those schools where souls were burned.

Bobby lies in the dark, thinkin’
how hard can it be…. 
for a tough, trapline kid like me?
but its 200 kliks from the mighty town of La Ronge
home through the bush 

Cold and Alone Bone for Bone
Bobby Bird go home Bobby Bird

It was late October when Bobby ran
from the kind of treatment, who could understand
They beat him every time he opened his mouth
They beat him on the back
for speakin’ his tongue
Ni’hio, Ni’hi yewup’kh

Cold and Alone Bone for Bone
Bobby Bird go home Bobby Bird

When he was identified
DNA down his mama’s side
with a white tail deer bone
the story was KNOWN

Not cold and alone
Hear the wolves moan
with Bobby Bird

It took four days ‘fore the brothers
sent someone lookin’
another dead Indian, not surprisin’

Bobby didn’t think twice
when he heard that truck on the road
He jumped that ditch
Into the woods he strode

NOT cold and alone
Hear the wolves moan
with Bobby Bird

You can deny it was genocide
but the curse of this land still resides
in those vanished kids and their photo SMILES

Never to return, with Bobby Bird
NOT cold and alone 
hear the wolves moan

Cold and alone; The 30-year search for Bobby Bird
Jason Warick - The StarPhoenix (August 10, 2015)

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