Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988
Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988

(Zulu 5-2)

This is a great two CD (48 song) compilation of independent music by Vancouver artists between 1977 and 1988.

Last Call was produced and annotated by Grant McDonagh.
This compilation © (p) 1991 Zulu Records Ltd.
Manufactured and distributed by Zulu Records
1869 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6J 1M4
Cover art -  "Last Call" by Tony Macklam

Art Bergmann is on three tracks in three different bands, Young Canadians, Los Popularos, and Poisoned.

Disc 1

13. Hawaii (Bergmann) SOCAN
performed by Young Canadians

Art Bergmann - vocals, guitar
Jim Bescott - bass, b. vocals
Barry Taylor - drums

Recorded at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, BC, October 1979
Produced by Ted Thomas, Bob Rock, and Young Canadians
Engineered by Bob Rock
Originally released on 12" Hawaii EP on Quintessence Records
© Art Bergmann, 1980 (p) Quintessence Records, 1980

25. Can't Come Back (Gord Nicholl/Bill Scherk/Bergmann) SOCAN
performed by Los Popularos

Bill Shirt - vocals
Art Bergmann - guitar, b. vocals
Gord Nicholl - keyboards
Tony Bardach - bass
Zippy Pinhead - drums

Recorded at Ocean Sound, Vancouver, BC, June 1982
Produced by Los Popularos
Engineered by Tracey Marks
Originally released on 12" Born Free EP on Los Radicos Popularos Records
© Nicholl/Sherk/Bergmann, 1982 (p) Los Radicos Popularos Records, 1982

Disc 2

15. To Tell The Truth (Bergmann) SOCAN
performed by Poisoned

Art Bergmann - vocals, guitar
Ray Fulber - bass
Gord Nicholl - keyboards
Taylor Nelson Little - drums
Susann Richter - backing vocals

Recorded at Profile Studios, Vancouver, BC, October 1986
Produced by Paul Hyde and Poisoned
Engineered by Don Ramos
Asst. engineers: Dan Dudra and Steve Cikes
Mixed by Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver, BC
Assisted by Mike Fraser
Originally released on a four-song limited edition cassette on East-Ray Music Inc. © Art Bergmann, 1986 (p) East-Ray Music, 1986