crawl with me
albums: Crawl With Me + Design Flaw

I was lying on the table
Prone and oblivious
You were staring at me
Intentions obvious
I thought I might be able
To make something
Out of this
We shook hands
Later we'd kiss
You asked where
We were going
I said that depends
If we fall in love
It will be your living end

Everybody wants
What they can't have
You could have me
But you won't keep
Opportunity knocks
Only once
I said get lost
Now here's your chance

Crawl with me
Crawl with me home
Wast my time then
Leave me alone
Use me
Turn me to stone
Take another nail and
Drive it home

All my investments
Get no return
Just double-digit interest
on nothing learned
So why continue
What do you earn
By staying cool
While I still burn

When the bank forecloses
On all your debts
I'll still open up and
You can dig through that

Now you know
I let myself go
You used that up
Now I'm sold
So go ahead
Sell me sloppy dead
We both end up empty
Let's repeat history